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In accordance with the statement of support document that has been signed during the summer of 2020, the Záhony Logistics and Industry Zone Consortium has started its work. The aim of the consortium is to rehabilitate the Záhony region, especially the railway border crossing and to support the establishment of logistics and industrial investments for the development of the region. The consortium aims to attract foreign investors who are willing to bring capital and knowledge to the region, thereby contributing to the region’s catching-up, job creation and retention capacity. Given the nature of the transcontinental railway junction in the region, the consortium discussed possible cooperation primarily with Chinese investors.

As a result of the work of the Záhony Logistics and Industrial Zone consortium, Kemecse Ipari Park Ltd. was registered on 20 November 2020, in which the Kemecse municipality, the Chinese owned Sino-Hungary Ltd. participates as majority owner. Thanks to the available area and its logistics potential, Kemecsei Ipari Park Ltd. provides Chinese companies an outstanding opportunity, a unique environment support, opening and making the way for these companies to implement these investments in Hungary. The task of Kemecse Ipari Park Ltd. is to support this - among other things - to develop the 100-hectare area near Kemecse in 3 stages. Infrastructure development from domestic sources is ongoing despite of the epidemic, road access and the construction of a railway crossing are currently underway.