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On the 5th of August CECZ Ltd. and the European Representation of the Chinese Investment Agency (CIPA) belonging to the Ministry of Commerce of China jointly visited the Trade Department of the Chinese Embassy in Budapest. The purpose of the meeting was to agree on a cooperation project related to the promotion of the CELIZ project. The two parties had a deep discussion with Liu Bo, the Chief Economic and Trade Counsellor at the Embassy.

Wu Jiang, the CEO of CECZ and Qu Hongkun, Deputy CEO of CIPA’s European Representation jointly presented the idea of a draft collaboration. Advocate General Liu Bo listened carefully and then expressed that the rapid development of the project would be facilitated by the ever-increasing trade and economic cooperation between China and Hungary. The initiative for CECZ to work together to promote the CELIZ project with the involvement of CIPA is strongly supported.

The meeting also appeared on the official website of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce as news.