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On the 28th of January 2021, MÁV-REC Kft, CECZ Kft and ZÁHONY-PORT Zrt. concluded a meeting together about the planned develompents of the CELIZ project in Záhony. Representatives of the Chinese state-owned railway company CRSC, a new cooperating partner of the CELIZ project, were also present at the meeting.
At the meeting in Záhony, the consortium members agreed on the practical steps of cooperation with the CRSC, and set the main objectives of the CELIZ project for 2021. These include a steady increase in shipments from China as well as looking for new partners to be involved in the developments.

The delegation visited the largest transshipment area operated by ZÁHONY-PORT Zrt. in Eperjeske, where they had the chance to see the transshipment of a freight train, that came that day from China.
If we look at the long term goals, it is in everyone's interest to support ZÁHONY-PORT’ transshipment area to become a dry port with the latest technologies. CRSC said they would be happy to be involved in the planning phase of developing a Smart Port for ZÁHONY-PORT.

The participants also met with Sándor Lipők, the Mayor of Kemecse, where they discussed the development schedule of the planned industrial park within the framework of the CELIZ project.