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An online conference to promote investment was held on 14 April 2021 on the role of the Chinese-based CRRC ZELC Europe in Hungary and on the directions of cooperation. The railway construction company, with offices in Vienna and Berlin, sees significant opportunities in the region of Záhony, a strategically important region of the CELIZ project.
The speakers agreed that Hungary is an extremely favorable, attractive terrain for any investment. The video conference was attended by László György, State Secretary for Economic Strategy and Regulation of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. László Mosóczi, State Secretary for Transport Policy of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, CHEN Qiang, Managing Director of CRRC ZELC Europe. TAN Yi, Deputy CEO of CRRC ZELC Europe Amanda Yining LI, Deputy Head of the Sales and Marketing Division of CRRC ZELC Europe. Róbert Homolya, President and CEO of MÁV LTD. Martina Almási, Head of the Automotive Department of the National Investment Agency, Wu Jiang, Managing Director of CECZ LTD., and Norbert Csomós, Managing Director of MÁV-REC Railway Engineering Corporation LTD.
The conversation was opened by László Horváth, L.A.C. Holding President and CEO and the majority owner of MÁV-REC Railway Engineering Corporation LTD.
“We are ready to cooperate and bring together, with our domestic expertise and market knowledge, to help us to find our way around technical, administrative, legal and other issues. The CELIZ project will take the initiative in getting as much of the Far Eastern goods as possible to Western Europe through Hungary,” he mentioned.
“It is important for us to renew and continuously develop the domestic railway infrastructure in order for our trains to be able to serve as many regions as possible and to connect the region with as many countries as possible. Part of our economic and trade strategy is to find partners with whom we can produce the right means of transport to achieve that, ”emphasized László György, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology
“The main goal of the Hungarian government's railway strategy is to make Hungary the center of freight transport, logistics and distribution in Central Europe. Because of that, we will allocate approximately 6,000 billion HUF to the modernization of railway infrastructure and rolling stock in the next decade. We also want to support the creation of a safe, convenient, fast and competitive railway network through industrial development,” added László Mosóczi, Secretary of State for Transport Policy.
CHEN Qiang, Managing Director of CRRC ZELC Europe, said that he was looking forward to cooperate and would like to visit Hungary for a personal meeting with the members of the management as soon as possible.
“Hungary is one of the key areas for us in Europe, we have already launched several projects in the region. We want to be long-term partners of the European railway industry, as development is in our common economic interest, ” he emphasized.